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Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold spores are all around us, including in homes with highly efficient HVAC filtration systems.  For spores to grow they need the temperature of around 70 degrees, food (carbon) and moisture.  In most homes the temperature is typically a constant 70 degrees, carbon is naturally abundant, and moisture is common.  So, moisture is one factor that can be controlled to prevent mold from thriving.  Common ways for excess moisture to enter a home are from backed up exterior drainage, cracks in basement walls/floors or simply a leaking toilet.  If any of these have happened or have been suspected to have occurred, mold testing is highly recommended.   

Testing for mold lets you know about the potential for spending many thousands of dollars in mold cleanup.  A positive mold test result alerts you to the potential risk your family has of a fatal illness or something more subtle, like a difficulty breathing.  

Our testing includes 2 tests in areas our certified experts suspect mold.  Testing includes professional third-party lab reporting.  

If you are already receiving a home inspection we will reduce the price of your mold testing by $50.

**Note: EvalPro is not involved in mold remediation, so you can rest assured our testing will be completely impartial.  A 24 hour turnaround time is also available.**